Presto Points
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Instant rewards for posting great content.

What is Presto Points?

Presto Points is a reward service for discord groups. When users post in specified channels like a success channel, or a links channel, admins have the opportunity to reward that user with points. Users can redeem their points for fully customizable rewards set by the server owner.

How can I install Presto Points?

1 - Login with Discord

2 - Select the server you'd like to install the service in

3 - Follow the steps to get set up!

Do my users need to create an account?

No, your users don't need to do anything but post good content! As soon as they are rewarded points in your Discord server, they can redeem them by navigating to the dashboard and using the User portal on the home page.

How much is Presto Points?

Presto Points is $25 a month, no matter how many members are in your server.

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